The Achievers Toastmasters´s Club of Marbella is dedicated to developing the communication and leadership skills of its members. They know that to be successful in business, in your career or in your relationships, it is necessary to communicate effectively. To get a point across without it being misunderstood or even to have a good old-fashioned argument, one needs to speak effectively. We are not born with the elegance, style and expertise of a great speaker. Those are skills that are honed over time and with regular practice.

If you are interested in developing your communication and leadership skills then visit The Achievers Club any Wednesday evening upstairs at El Jardin, in Aloha Gardens at 20.00. You will not find an instructor, a lecturer, or a coach when you arrive though. What you will find is a group of like-minded people intent on developing and polishing their speaking skills. At Toastmasters, you learn by doing, but in a safe and supportive environment. Every one of the speakers has experienced the pangs of butterflies in their stomach but they also learn to put those butterflies in formation and use them to their advantage.

If you are of a competitive nature then that quality can be nurtured as well. There are competitions held throughout the year in the home club which can take you to a regional competition, a national competition, a European competition and lastly, the world competition.

The winners of this year´s local competition traveled to Valencia a couple of weeks ago and came away with three, 1st Place and two, 2nd Place titles. This past weekend they competed in Santander. There was a 2nd Place and a 3rd Place title taken home in the Evaluation contest. Congratulations! Well done! ¡Enhorabuena!