Removable Prostheses (Dentures)

Loss of teeth may be caused by trauma, tooth decay (caries) or periodontal disease (gum disease). It is important to replace teeth that are missing as failure to do so can result in difficulty speaking properly, shifting of remaining teeth, sagging facial features, and difficulty chewing well. A denture would provide a solution to these issues. Conventional dentures are removable.

One of the best features of dentures today, is that they are customized in a way that they provide proper function and comfort while still maintaining a natural appearance, giving you the smile you deserve.

Partial dentures

A removable partial denture is a possible solution for patients who are missing some of their teeth in a particular jaw, and cannot have a fixed bridge for any number of reasons such as a lack of required abutment teeth (anchor teeth) for a fixed bridge or for financial reasons. A partial denture, which is designed for long-term use require clasps (flexible metal wires) that clip onto a few of the remaining teeth, to help anchor the prostheses. At times, it is impossible to place the clasps so that they are not seen.

Sometimes it is possible to combine a removable partial denture with dental crowns in the same jaw. This allows the dentist to use attachments to anchor the removable prostheses. An attachment could be said to be a push-button, where one part sits in the prostheses and the other part in the crown. This type of mechanical retention is more effective compared to dental clasps. Furthermore, these retention elements cannot be seen.

Complete dentures (Full dentures)

You do not have to stop smiling because you have lost all of your natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaw or in both. Full dentures will improve the appearance of your smile and are custom made to your liking.

Relining (Refitting) of dentures

If your dentures have become ill-fitting it is advisable for you to see Dr. Mattis Mamusa at Stockholm Dental Clinic in Puerto Banus (close to Marbella) to have the dentures relined. This means that your old prostheses are given a new, updated inner surface. With the new, good fit, your dentures will be more comfortable and the retention (grip) of the dentures will increase.

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