Once again Easter or Semana Santa, as it is known in Spain, is upon us and tourists have flocked to the coast both for sun and relaxation, and also for the traditional Holy Week Ladies celebration of Holy Week. The processions start on Palm Sunday and conclude on Easter Sunday.

Málaga hosts the largest processions on the Coast and are very impressive with the number of thrones and the sheer number of people involved. If you park near El Corté Íngles and walk towards the Old Town you will quickly find a place to stand and watch the procession go by. The people of Benalmádena re-create some of the most significant events of the Passion and Death of Christ, while closer to us in Marbella is Istán, which also re-enacts the Passion of Christ during Holy Week.

The town of Riogordo, about 35 km from Málaga does things with a difference. As well as the traditional processions, they also have an annual live production of El Paso (The Passion) utilizing about 500 of the townsfolk as actors. They have been staging this performing since 1951 and as a result it has been designated as a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest as people come from all over the world to see it. It is held on Good Friday and Holy Saturday from 16.30 – 20.00.

Ticket prices for El Paso are: Adults: 8 € and Children and Pensioners: 5€

Tickets can be bought in advance at the following locations:

Riogordo Town Hall, Plaza de la Constitución, 14. Tel: 952 732 154

Rural Andalus, c/Montes de Oca, 18, (next to El Corte Ingles) Malaga, Tel: 952 276 229

Libreria Pasatiempo, Calle Infantes, 32,  Torre del Mar, Tel: 952 543 703

El Paso Box Office, El Calvario, Riogordo, from 13.30 on performance day

Semana Santa in Malaga, SpainIf you are in the area it is a must to see.