January may be bleak in northern climates, but in southern Spain we have the welcomed warmth from the late morning sun to improve our spirits after those dark, chilly, early mornings. The annual green field background“Season of Light” draws to a close but the solstice has passed and we can look forward to the days getting longer and the sun more intense. We have ritualised once more the cherished customs of Christmas. We have spent time with our loved ones either in person or by phone and dream of next year when we can do it all over again.

All signs of Christmas have been put away, children are back to school and shops have once again started their annual sales. New Year’s resolutions have been made and broken; after all it is the middle of January. With life back to normal, it is so easy to forget those warm feelings we had leading up to Christmas, or how much we enjoyed the glow from the twinkle lights, or appreciated being remembered by someone who sent you a Christmas card.

This year why not try to keep that profound feeling of love a little longer, instead of packing it away like the shops do with the left-over Christmas decorations?

Happy New Year!