Welcome to my first blog post where I hope to provide you with information not just on the very captivating subject of teeth but also let you know what is going on in our area as well.

Having worked at the clinic since 2004 I have learned a lot about teeth, some things I really didn’t want to know and other things I have found fascinating. I am not an authority on teeth. I am not even a dentist. I happen to work at the clinic in administration and assist from time-to-time so I get to see first-hand some of miracles performed and the smiles from very happy patients. I also see the fear some people have at the thoughts of their visit and the relief when they realize it wasn´t as bad as they thought. That Mikael is truly as gentle as people say. Not being a dentist gives me the added bonus of being able to talk teeth in terms “regular” people.

As well as teeth there are plenty of other very interesting things happening here in Puerto Banus. It is also not just about real estate. We have the Saturday market, wonderful places to shop, to eat and drink or to stroll leisurely along the front line. If you feel you are up for a longer walk then use it as the starting point for a ramble to San Pedro or Marbella. Maybe you just want to chill out on the beach or make sand castles with your children. Whatever your pleasure we seem to be able to provide it.

Every season brings with it a host of activities, from the Film Festival in the fall to the Ice Rink at Christmas and of course the Summer Market in Antonio Banderas Square. Whatever is happening in the area you can find out on my blog. Let me know by email if there is something on the subject of teeth you have wondered about and I will try to answer it here. Otherwise, you will just have to sit back and let me get on with it. Enjoy!